This Thing Called: Stay At Home- QuaranThoughts

Hello people, I hope that you all are in good health, safe and somehow still optimistic. I understand that this current situation-pandemic that we are all experiencing is so overwhelming, it’s heavy in the sense that it makes us anxious, and then causes confusion and panic to many. Nobody expects this situation to blow up like this. I only see this apocalyptic virus on tv and can be read on novels. But it is real. This virus has started to have a tremendous impact on our world. From small cases of infected people in Wuhan to the immediate locked down of several countries due to the increasing number of infection-continuous and high mortality rate worldwide. Sometimes, I can’t swallow this anymore. Parang sabi ko Girl, ano ba to?

Anyway, our battle is still going on and there’s no official vaccine available yet. So for now the best thing is to be aware, educate ourselves and take preventive measures. Proper hygiene and btw Google is so happy to assist you about this matter. 😃


So currently our country is on mild locked down and now we are on week two. No schools, non essential stores are closed (so online shopping it is!) only grocery/ food stores and pharmacies are open. So far, so good on my end. Our company and many companies as well resulted to work from home because-it is business as usual. To be honest, I am sick of the WFH situation. I prefer to go work. I miss my everyday train rides and I miss everyone at work. But again like I said, we cannot do anything for the meantime but to keep the faith, follow precautions mandated by the government and stay healthy and sanitized. Stay optimistic. I know that this situation can put strain to our emotions and mental health. As a tip, stay productive even though at home, kill the boredom by doing some stuff. You can still go out but only if it is necessary as advised.

I think I really do not have issues staying a home because I am a homebody from the beginning. I prefer the comfort of my home than spending long hours socializing/ going outside-without any valid purpose/reason. Don’t get me wrong, it is just Moi 🤷🏻‍♀️ So below are some of my kodak moments this past few days..

Obviously from InstaStory LOL
This old second monitor is a life saver!
Work it. Candid shot!
Jethro basic photography
Love them as my photography subject
Jethro Tull, listen to music while at home 🙂
Read books! Now is your chance to finish a book per week!
Got some American Goodies that I miss and love!
Root Beer
I am currently listening to this audiobook! I subscribed to this app called BookBeat, it’s like a Spotify for audiobooks with a large collection of AudioB to choose from. (This is not sponsored-😆 I love the app Read more about it on
Btw this stephen king book is now a Miniseries on HBO and we just finished it🙌🏻

So there ya go. Simple events in my life. Nothing much special happened. The lift of the locked down on April 5th here in Belgium is still uncertain. All I can say is: hang in there ya’ll. The situation in the PH as well is not doing good. Yet I am hopeful. There’s always a silver lining. Use your idle time wisely and make it productive. What matters most is you are in good shape and equipped with positivity. Be informed and aware. Lend a helping hand if needed. Do not panic. Toilet paper cannot save you from this pandemic LOL. Come on man! Anyway, that’s all for now and til my next blog, thank you for reading and I am sending my virtual hugs to all you guys! Besos!

After this photo, I video-chatted with my tita and cousins in Manila and joined our virtual bible study lesson. I did some journaling/devotions and listen to video christian preaching. 🙂

PS: All of the pics are my photos

Sources: the web, for audiobook

What’s Up Blog!

To cut the long intro short:

So I am currently under the weather-sick as a dog. I really hate this feeling, I mean all that going to the doctor, can’t smell and can’t taste the food I’m eating thing, plus all the medications I need to take in order to get back on track. I started to feel throat pain and headache last week. I believe that was either Wednesday or Thursday. By the way, I rarely get sick. I can count the number of times that I get sick in a year-only once. Indeed! And the weird thing is, last year same month I was also on sick leave. Bakit ganon?! Lelz

So I went to the doctor this morning to have myself checked. The doctor told me everything is normal however I am having sinusitis and URTI, upper respiratory track infection. That explains my thick cough, throat pain, slight fever and colds. I am currently resting, thanks to my tv, couch and two adorable cats😉

Of course special hugs and love to my husband for taking good care of me over the weekend when I was starting to feel the viral symptoms ❤️

Updates for the last 8 months😉

Okay! I celebrated my one year work anniversary, yay! I am grateful to have a great boss and wonderful colleagues to work with. I learned tons of things from the past year and I am looking forward to grow more for the coming years. Cheers!

For that, huge thanks to our VIP Manager colleague Katy for giving me this mini Joker figure. You know me best Kateee!

One thing I love about my work is, well this may sound lame to others but I am enjoying my daily mode of transportation-Train rides! I feel so comfortable because it’s like my “me time” every single morning. I get the chance to read my book while enjoying a cup of joe. (Two of my favourite things in the world😉) I also do my morning devotions, plan about my day, journaling, reading news and basically just enjoying that ride. Honestly, I am not a morning person, so some of my writing I do it on the train, hehe. Even eating breakfast😫

However, I want to change that attitude and create a firm mindset that waking up at 5:00am is a must! (which I want and need to practice moving forward)

In addition to that, this will bring me tons of benefits plus you tend to feel more accomplished throughout the day. MUST WAKE UP AT 5AM EVERY MORNING. Okay but you may sleep longer in the weekends😭

Going back to my train ride stories, I am loving it! Girl-On-The-Train Emily Blunt vibe😆 except of course that I am sober and have a sound mind. Lelz

Check out my train ride stories😂

Reding Mindhunter while Boomeraming

Boomerang railway Coffee. Good morning🌞

My snoopy planner-Coffee and Waffles on Friday!

Random Nothings

Sound trippin’ on the train

Enjoy the ride

One year working here in Belgium is great!

Boomerang with Jigsaw at work!

Ice cream with Tasha and Katy!

Home and the Likes posted in random😃

July 2019

We were able to fix my bookshelves! I am really happy that my books now are kept tidy and organized.

July 2019

We went to Pairi Daiza Zoo to see the Pandas. This was during the heat wave when the temperature was 40 degrees. Not a good idea to go out. But we enjoyed that mini trip (will post a separate video vlog)

Food mementos 2019

Argentinian Grill in Antwerp during Nonkel Etienne’s birthday.

August 2019: Aalst, Belgium

Stoofvlees met frietjes (Stoverij with fries, a Belgian staple food)

Plucheke And Jethro2019

So that’s about it. I know it doesn’t really contain a lot of memories but I will try to share more on my up coming posts.

Ciao! Thanks for reading💕

Almost Fall! 🍂